As Queensland’s leading textile supplier, we at Thomas Textiles are integrating sustainable practices into our operations in order to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet. Our commitment is embodied in our Progressive Sustainability Philosophy which prioritises sourcing products with the lowest possible carbon footprint and considering their end-of-life impact. We partner with manufacturers who utilize innovative fibre technology that allow some of our products to biodegrade at the end of use.

Polyester Limitations

Polyester fibre (P.E.T) is widely used in the textile industry for its longevity, low maintenance and ease of manufacturing. However, as it is a man-made fibre, it does not breakdown and contributes to global pollution.

Polyester is used in a flat woven textiles like bedlinen, protectors, towels and garments in addition to filled products such as pillows and quilts.

The production of polyester microfibers from recycled plastic has long been a popular method for waste reduction.
However, while polyester itself is recyclable, the recycling processes involved are not. This outdated technology, although admirable in its intent, has fallen short of customer expectations.

Recycled microfibre, initially soft and fluffy, quickly compresses after continued use in pillows, quilts and mattress toppers, creating a flat, unusable product.

Our Practices

To address the issue of plastic pollution, we are replacing polyester fibre in our Classic Quilts, Cool Breeze Protectors and our Ultra Plush Pillows, for our innovative treated fibre, which allows for the complete decomposition of our products at the end of their life. This technology ensures a longer-lasting product, reducing the need for replacements and therefore saving money for our customers.

Furthermore, our existing polyester fibre products are 100% recyclable to the international Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

Decades of global sourcing have enabled us to build strong partnerships with some of the most progressive and technologically advanced textile mills on the planet. Our mills are leaders in waste-water and chemical management, green packaging and recycling programs, while adhering to strict international auditing guidelines set by the Environment Social Government (ESG).

Thomas Textiles, along with our Alliance partners, have pioneered the use of cornstarch packaging with our Slipper ranges as well as reducing plastic waste in our pillows by 50%. Our product cartons are made from recyclable paper and are reused where possible in our warehousing operations.

Our Future

We are continuing to develop our sustainable strategies and work with reputable suppliers to improve our overall impact on our unique Australian environment. At Thomas Textiles, we strive to adopt new and innovative methods and maintain quality products for distribution in the Australian hospitality marketplace.

Sustainability, as defined by the United Nations Bruntland Commision Report of 1987, is “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. We are dedicated to this principle and to leading the way in sustainable textile solutions.