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Satin Stripe Top Sheets
MayerSandhurstLawesHallett WhiteCleo Arctic WhitePoly Waffle Top Sheet
Alliance & Actil

Woven White Top Sheets

Satin Stripe
* 50/50 polyester cotton
* 2cm satin stripe

Mayer, Sandhurst & Lawes
* 50/50 polyester cotton textured jacquard weave

Hallett White
* 100% polyester textured & filled geometric weave

Cleo Arctic White
* 100% knitted polyester

Poly Waffle White
* 50/50 polyester cotton





Top Sheet / Bed Wrap Sizes Single 170x240cm Single 180x250cm Single 180x285cm Single 180x300cm Double 225x300cm Queen 245x250cm Queen 250x250cm Double / Queen 250x240cm Double / Queen 260x285cm Queen 250x300cm King 275x250cm King 280x240cm King 280x285cm King 285x250cm King 300x300cm
Colours Cleo Arctic White Hallett White Lawes Mayer Sandhurst Satin Stripe Waffle White
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Please note that the quote amount is for an individual product not a
pack/carton amount.

       Size   Pack / Carton
    Single         6 / 12
    Double          N/A
    Queen         5 / 10
    King         4 / 8