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Metro Copper Bed Runner and Hay Pumpkin Cushions
Metro Citrus Bed RunnerMetro Graphite Bed RunnerSpectrum Earth Bed RunnerSpectrum Teal Bed RunnerSpectrum ScarletMayfair Ink Bed RunnerMayfair BeachStarstruck TranquilBeachcomber Amazon Bed RunnerBeachcomber Aquarius Bed RunnerBeachcomber Driftwood Bed RunnerBeachcomber Poppy Bed RunnerBeachcomber Smoke Bed RunnerBeachcomber RavenBeachcomber SunflowerBeachcomber IndigoBeachcomber DoveBeachcomber CinnamonBeachcomber PewterLaura Silver Rev Bed RunnerLaura Silver Bed RunnerLaura Olive Bed RunnerLaura Olive Rev Bed RunnerLaura Copper Rev Bed RunnerLaura Copper Bed RunnerLaura Teal Bed RunnerLaura Teal Reverse Bed RunnerLaura Shiraz Reverse Bed RunnerLaura ShirazLaura Biscuit Rev Bed RunnerLaura Biscuit Bed RunnerSpringbrook Sky Bed RunnerSpringbrook Palm Bed RunnerSpringbrook Ochre Bed RunnerBarrington Batik Rev Bed RunnerBarrington Batik Bed RunnerBarrington Ochre Rev Bed RunnerBarrington Ochre Bed RunnerBarrington Teal Bed RunnerBarrington Teal ReverseHay Bed RunnersZanzibar GreenPalm Cove Teal Bed RunnerPalm Cove Teal Reverse Bed RunnerPalm Cove Red RunnerPalm Cove GoldPalm Cove Gold Reverse Bed RunnerHallett Gazelle Bed RunnerHallett WhiteHallett BlackNorthbridge TealNorthbridge GreenNorthbridge BrickNorthbridge BlueMansfield Spice Bed RunnerMansfield Gold Bed RunnerMansfield Citrus Bed RunnerMansfield Blue Bed RunnerSavoy Carbon Bed RunnerSavoy Cafe Bed RunnerPalm Cove Biscuit Reverse Bed RunnerPalm Cove Biscuit Bed RunnerSavoy ShirazYorke Blue Rev Bed RunnerYorke Blue Bed RunnerYorke Tango Rev Bed RunnerYorke Tango Bed RunnerStarstruck Shale Bed Runner

Woven Bed Runners (Made to Order)

  • 100% polyester
  • NOTE – All are made with a double layer of fabric EXCEPT for Hallett & Starstruck fabric designs which are a single layer
Colours Beachcomber Amazon Beachcomber Aquarius Beachcomber Cinnamon Beachcomber Dove Beachcomber Driftwood Beachcomber Indigo Beachcomber Pewter Beachcomber Poppy Beachcomber Raven Beachcomber Smoke Beachcomber Sunflower Hallett Black Hallett Gazelle Hallett White Hay Black Hay Canary Hay Paradise Hay Pumpkin Hay Raspberry Hay Red Hay Tranquil Laura Biscuit Laura Biscuit "Rev" Laura Copper Laura Copper "Rev" Laura Olive Laura Olive "Rev" Laura Shiraz Laura Shiraz "Rev" Laura Silver Laura Silver "Rev" Laura Teal Laura Teal "Rev" Mansfield Blue Mansfield Citrus Mansfield Gold Mansfield Spice Mayfair Beach Mayfair Ink Metro Citrus Metro Copper Metro Graphite Northbridge Blue / Gold Northbridge Brick Northbridge Green Northbridge Teal Palm Cove Biscuit Palm Cove Gold Palm Cove Red Palm Cove Teal Savoy Cafe Savoy Carbon Savoy Shiraz Spectrum Earth Spectrum Scarlet Spectrum Teal Springbrook Ochre Springbrook Palm Springbrook Sky Starstruck Shale Starstruck Tranquil
Bed Runner Sizes Single 60x150cm King Single 60x170cm Double 60x190cm Queen 60x240cm King 60x260cm
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